Pest control technician applying pest control treatment to the exterior of a home - Keep pests away from your home with Capelouto Termite & Pest Control in Tallahassee, FLMany different pests transport illnesses and one of the main culprits are ticks. Diseases from ticks are incredibly dangerous and you never know if you’ve contracted anything until you start to feel the symptoms. These conditions affect tens of thousands of people throughout the country every year.

The main difference between ticks and some other parasitic pests is that ticks hang around for a while. Ticks insert themselves into your skin and they may remain there for as long as a week or longer.

Ticks can make their way into the home in many different ways, so it’s essential to understand the dangers and what to do if you find one on you. Don’t take this situation lightly. If you have a tick problem, reach out to Capelouto so we can help.

What Causes Ticks?

An infestation can start from only one tick. You can bring a tick in if you recently traveled to a heavily wooded area during warm weather. Unfortunately, you can find a tick anywhere, even if you’re walking out in your yard.

Ticks attach themselves to our skin and begin burrowing right underneath the surface so they can start feeding. If you have any pets, they may also be the reason for your tick problem.

These pests attach to us, and they are so small it can be challenging to know if you even have one. If you think your dog or cat might have ticks you want to run a little comb through their fur and see if you find anything.

How to Identify a Tick

Let’s say that you think you have a pest problem, but you’re not quite sure if it’s ticks. Here are a few ways to pinpoint a tick.

Ticks do not have wings and they are flat and round. They are small until they feed and become plumper from the blood. Ticks are usually gray or white, but once they feed, they become a more reddish color.

These pests also have sharp short legs that they use to help burrow into your skin. You won’t feel them when they land on you, so it’s difficult to identify them.

Another issue that many people have with ticks is their speed. They move quickly, and they can jump far distances, so it’s nearly impossible to catch them. If you try to squeeze or squish them, you will think you succeeded until they bounce off your finger and onto something else.

The Dangers of Ticks

Ticks are dangerous due to the horrible diseases they could carry. Here are some examples of what can happen from only one tick bite:

  • Lyme Disease – There are 30,000 cases of Lyme Disease reported yearly, and the condition is difficult to diagnose. Flu-like symptoms usually accompany it. The way most people identify a Lyme Disease carrying bite is through the bulls-eye appearance of the bitten area.
  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever – This bacterial disease is fatal and it causes fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain and weight loss. RMSF is typically spread from the American Dog Tick and is most popular from Oklahoma to North Carolina and all the states in between.
  • Ehrlichiosis – We also have to worry about our furry friends. This condition affects humans, but it is most prevalent in dogs. It causes the death of white blood cells, which results in headache, fatigue, and soreness.

Tick Problem? Capelouto Termite & Pest Control Can Help

If you’re afraid that you might have a severe tick problem in your home, it’s time to take action. We can help exterminate ticks and help you to prevent them from ever coming back. Don’t put yourself and your family at risk, call us today!

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