Finding bed bugs in your home could be scary and intimidating, but there’s no need to worry. Capelouto provides bed bug treatments that are sure to drive these pests out forever. Bed bugs have been making appearances throughout the United States and many believe this is due to increased travel in the country.

An increase in bed bug population means a higher chance that you’ll find them in your home. The first thing you need to do before throwing out your bed and all your sheets is to determine if you have bed bugs. We’ll provide you all the information you need to make that determination.

The Scoop on Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have two goals in life, one is to hide and one is to feed. They do a great job at hiding because they are small and move quickly. Their other goal, feeding, is where you come into play.

Bed bugs have sharp piercing mouths and it protrudes from their body when they feed, but it’s hidden underneath when they are not. The mouthpiece pierces your body like a needle and sticks into the blood vessel. Once it stops feeding on you, it tucks back and hides back into the surface they’ve infested. This process repeats itself until they get eradicated.

These bugs do not fly or hop quite like ticks or fleas, but instead, they crawl quickly across the ground and are capable of squeezing into the tightest places. Having even the smallest crack or opening in your mattress or headboard may result in bed bugs.

A bed bug’s body is typically flat, but they become engorged after feeding. Their color will change to a darker hue because you can see the blood inside their bodies. Bed bugs can go as long as seven days without feeding, which is what makes them challenging to locate and exterminate.

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Signs of Bed Bugs

There are a couple of different ways to determine if you have bed bugs; the first is to find exoskeletons or skin on and around your bedding. You may also find fecal matter or stains on your mattress.

If you don’t find traces of actual bed bugs, but you have bites, you might be able to identify a bed bug problem by looking at your bites. Their bites look similar to fleas or mosquitoes so it can sometimes be difficult to tell what caused the bites. You may identify a bed bug bite by:

  • Raised welts
  • Burning or itching
  • Spreading rash near the bite site
  • Bites in lines or rows

If you think you have a bed bug problem you want to look throughout your bedroom, primarily in the box spring, headboard, and frame of the bed. They also make their way into other furniture in the bedroom like couches, chairs, or dressers. Keep in mind that bed bugs are not exclusive to beds, you can have them anywhere in your home.

Why Do You Have Bed Bugs?

Many people believe that bed bugs are attracted to dirty conditions, but that is a misconception. Anyone can have bed bugs because they are only attracted to warm blood. These bugs are hitchhikers, so you can pick them up anywhere whether it be work, a park, a bus, or another home.

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