Ants prefer hot and sunny environments, so we are prime real estate for ants to infiltrate your home and cause you a lot of grief. There are 15,000 species of ants worldwide, and we have around 1,000 species in the United States alone.

Ants are problematic when they get into your home and while they don’t carry any dangerous diseases or parasites, you don’t want them eating into your food and causing problems. They leave trails behind and could make a mess in your cabinets.

There are many things you can do to get rid of ants, but hiring a professional team to help you is the fastest and most effective way. Step one is determining if you have an ant problem.

Do You Have An Ant Problem?

You might be asking yourself how are ants compared to other pests. They don’t carry diseases and they don’t cause the same level of damage that other pests may cause. Regardless, there are many reasons to ensure that you eliminate your ant problem as soon as possible.

Here are some of the signs of an ant infestation inside your home:

  • Finding ants – The first and most obvious sign is the site of ants throughout your home. You’ll most commonly find them anywhere you store food. Kitchens are the most popular homes of ants so if you think you might have a problem, check there first.
  • Ant trails – Trails are hard to identify, but you’ll find the ants taking this route most often. The ants drop a pheromone to remind and alert themselves of a food source. The trail becomes their route to and from the food.
  • Ant nests – A nest will look like a hollowed-out pile of dirt, somewhat in the shape of a volcano. Ants find their way in through cracks so while there may not be any dirt on the surface; you’ll notice these piles in the middle of foundation cracks and even walls.
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Why Do Ants Come Into Your House

Finding ants in your home is an unnerving experience and there are a variety of reasons why you might have ants. The first reason could be from food particles throughout the home. No one likes to think they have a “dirty” house, but sometimes it might be crumbs underneath furniture or appliances that drive them in.

Ants enter the home to look for food and they always go towards the quickest and easiest solution. Much of the time, it could mean a handful of breadcrumbs underneath your stove.

It’s essential to eradicate them immediately before the infestation spreads to other areas of your home. Pay attention to foundation cracks or vegetation sitting up against your house. They can make their way in through tree branches that touch the house and even small cracks in the sidewalk.

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Risks of Ants in Your Home

While ants aren’t a huge risk to you or your family, they can still cause the following problems:

  • Structural damage due to tunneling
  • Red ants can bite
  • They may give your home the appearance of being dirty

How Capelouto Termite & Pest Control Can Help
If you feel like you have an ant problem, you don’t have to go at it alone. We have plenty of solutions to help eradicate the ants from your home and guard your property to prevent them from ever coming back. Make sure you contact us today!

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