How to Keep Rodents Out of Your Tallahassee Home

Rodents are among the most disliked of all pests and they can be challenging to keep out of your home. Like many other places in the country, mice and rats are the primary rodent pests in Tallahassee and North Florida. You can also experience issues with squirrels that get into crawl spaces, roofing, garages, or attics to build their nests.

Rodents have flexible bodies and they have evolved to be able to fit into small spaces or use their teeth and claws to widen gaps just enough so that they can fit through.

What Draws Rodents into a Home?

They may find a way in for warmth, but usually, they get attracted inside by food. Rats and mice are scavengers. Their instincts make them skilled at seeking out food sources. Often, garbage attracts these scavenging mammals, but they will also eat fresh food if they can get access to it. Some things that humans might not see as viable food sources are incredibly appealing to rodents. Fertilizing seed kept in garages and hanging bird feeders attract them to your property. Once they’ve found something they like, rats and mice both use their sharp teeth to gnaw through food boxes or packages to get just about any available food.

Securing food in airtight containers can help, but sometimes rodents are even aggressive enough to try to get into these seemingly safe containers.

If they find a reliable food source and ready-built shelter inside your home, they are likely to stay as long as they can. Not only is it gross to find mouse or rat droppings or evidence of gnawing in the places where you store and prepare food, but these creatures can also harbor disease. Problems can escalate beyond health issues if the infestation if left unaddressed. Due to their destructive nature and strong teeth, rodents can chew through electrical wires, quickly creating hazardous conditions within your home. This can lead to house fires and irreversible damage.

What Can You Do to Keep Rodents Out?

One of the most straightforward steps to keep rodents, and many other pests, out of your Tallahassee home is to keep your kitchen and dining areas clean. Remove garbage to an outside bin with a tightly secured lid each night and make sure that you do not leave crumbs or other food residues on surfaces or the floor. Lift pet food before you go to bed at night. If you find contaminated food, discard it immediately and wash your hands. All of these measures will also decrease the likelihood for insect activity, such as ant and cockroach infestations.

You should also remove potential nesting sites. Leaf, rock piles or overgrown shrubbery are all attractive to mice and rats. Some may even find landscaping mulch attractive because they can quickly burrow into it to create a nest. If you remove these features from around your home, then you will make it less attractive to rodents.

You can also clean your crawlspace regularly and inspect the exterior of your home for gaps that rodents can use to gain access to your home. Remember, these crafty creatures can use holes that seem impossibly small. Make it a point to take a walk around the outside of your home and inspect for possible entry points on a regular basis. Patch these gaps and replace worn or broken vents immediately.

Squirrel infestation on roof of house

Why You Need to Deal with a Rodent Infestation Quickly

One of the main reasons that rodents become such a nuisance is that they are prolific breeders. A single female can have as many as 40 young in a single year. Having mice inside your home can cause serious sanitation issues. Because they are so small, mice need to eat very frequently throughout the day. Unfortunately, this leads to very large amounts of droppings (usually the first sign of mouse activity) and urine wherever they travel. Salmonella bacteria from rodent feces makes food poisoning a real concern when they get into your kitchen. Simply preparing a meal in the kitchen will be risky. Mice are excellent climbers. Once they claim your home as their own, mice can climb through holes between floors of your home and show up in your basement and living room all in the same day. Their oily bodies leave what are called “rub marks,” which can stain frequently used entry points.

How can Capelouto get rid of the rodents in my house?

It’s incredibly important that you call us at the first signs of rodent activity. Not only can Capelouto Termite and Pest Control eliminate a rodent infestation, but we can also take steps to prevent further issues in the future. As the most trusted pest and rodent control company in Tallahassee, our rodent control services are always guaranteed. The pros at Capelouto have extensive pest control experience, so we know exactly what to look for and how to find the entry-points that rodents use to get into your home.

If you experience recurring problems at your Tallahassee home with mice, gray squirrels, flying squirrels, bats, or other wildlife getting into your house, a permanent (and highly recommended) solution is available from Capelouto. Since rodents can squeeze into the tiniest of places, older home structures often have many gaps that rodents find very attractive, and this is how they enter your home. Sometimes the entry points can be hard to find with a visual inspection. Our experts are trained to spot hidden entry points. Learn more about our Exclusion Program by clicking here.

Call us or fill out the form on this page to set up a free inspection and start eliminating rodents in your home or business!